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Security Solutions for (Local and Cloud Systems)

our relationship with the best security services providers in the world, we are focused on protecting your business, So, We are using solutions will stop threats whatever it threat Endpoint, Network, Email, Cloud. However they attack, you will be covered.
The products we recommend allow you to have multiple layers of security and protection both for your cloud applications and infrastructure. Protect users and assets with solutions that give you total control and scalability.

Our Security Solutions Categories

Our integrated security solutions offer unparalleled protection and insight to reduce risk and lower costs across your entire organization.

Perimeter Security LAN/WAN

The traditional security solutions and the main security solutions for our customer's business should secure the organization's network. This type of solution serves as a barrier between the Internet and our customer's network. Mobile devices, cloud technologies, and web services provide a significant number of new opportunities for organizations. However, these technologies also add to the number of solutions and services that need to be kept secure. If there is a vast web of connections, it can be easy for just one malware to invade and spread throughout the entire network. To deal with such threats, you need to establish a perimeter security framework that will guard access to vital data, applications, and services.

Some examples of Local Area Network security solutions include the following:

Endpoint Security

We provide our customers the best prevention, detection, and response with advanced, multi-layered defenses for all devices and operating systems.
Also, we provide cloud solutions delivered with an intelligent, AI-driven security console and a single agent for example:

1. Prevent Attacks

Prevent malware, exploits, fileless attacks, and network connection based threats across all devices and operating systems.

2. Reduce the Attack

Blocks or Isolate Applications and removable devices to reduce the attacks and remediate vulnerabilities in applications and operating systems.

3. Prevent Breaches

Prevent botnet connections and lateral movement with host based intrusion prevention, firewall, active directory security and automated contextual policies.

4. Remediate and Respond to Advanced Threats

Detect, investigate advanced threats and incidents and respond rapidly with remediation actions, and leverage help of expert investigators.

Information Security

Our solutions allow our customer to Safeguard their most confidential data through secure access and keep their employees productive, wherever they are for example:

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