About us

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Who we are

As a group of experienced professionals, established Key World Technology in 2015. We specialize in IT solutions and Management Information Systems, as well as IT services and consulting.
Our main focus is on secured cloud solutions. And are specialist in the following solutions and services: Secure cloud services using our partnership with the largest providers of these services worldwide such as Google services, IBM cloud services, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, and related security solutions provided by Microsoft and Symantec.
Our dedicated team has advanced experiences in IT systems-based services and a proven track record in providing IT consulting and professional services worldwide. Our work field experience and is as strong as our technical expertise is world-class and innovative.

his has helped us to achieve recognition and enhance our competitive advantage in the market.
We have developed our expertise in dealing with small, medium and large projects for our clients in different continents. This includes projects in the United Arab Emirates, The United States, The United Kingdom, Belgium, Scotland, Malaysia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. We believe that customer satisfaction and the history of the successful projects are what builds trust with our clients and enable our core business to grow even further while meeting the business needs.
We look forward to providing our expertise to our customers and serving their current and future needs. Our mission is to continue our local growth and expand our footprint further in the Middle East and Africa.

CEO’s Message

What prompted me to establish Key World Technology is my belief in the importance and critical role that IT services play in the world of business administration, especially after the recent crises the world witnessed.

My belief is the providing a service carries a deeper concept than just carrying out a project and commissioning it, but it extends to the professionalism of this process and its relevance to the client's goals. Consequently, the importance of customer satisfaction and building bridges of trust and long-term relationships with our clients are our top priorities.

Our key values are honesty, integrity, credibility, and reliability of the service provider, in addition to professionalism, availability, and ability to respond to the customer requests on time.

With all of the above in mind, we have decided to enter vigorously into this market based on our belief in our capabilities to provide a distinguished service that is characterized by all of the above.

As an expert in this field, with a proven record of successful projects across Africa and the Middle East in the field of Information Technology as well as Management Information Systems. I pare the responsibility to transfer my years of experience to my team to provide our customers with the best services. as the success of our customers is an extension of our successes. So, we looking forward to being a positive contributor to developing this market and providing the industry with a valuable member.

In my capacity as CEO of Key World Technology, I promise our clients a distinctive model of services that will help you achieve the goals that will help your company achieve its goals and to have a future prove management information system and this will not be achieved without your support, trust, and allowing us to present what we promised.

Our Milestones

  • Before 2015

    A group of partners who accumulated experience for more than twenty years each of us in managing companies and providing integrated solutions using different technological systems... Read more

  • In May 2015

    Key World Technology was established and started to transfer and provide its expertise and professional services to its clients. Key World Technology is equipped with expertise in providing integrated solutions and consulting services in Africa and the Middle East... Read more

  • In June 2015

    Key World Technology became a Google partner, provides Google Apps for business and cloud solutions.

  • In June 2016

    Key World Technology became Dell partner, provides all Dell- EMC business solutions.

  • In April 2017

    Changed the legal entity of the company to become a Limited Liability Company.

  • In July 2017

    Key world Technology became an IBM business partner as Partner World company. Provides IBM Soft-Layer cloud solutions.

  • In April 2019

    Key World Technology became a Silver partner for Microsoft, and provides all Microsoft solutions, especially cloud solutions and related licenses.

  • In September 2019

    Key World Technology become a certified reseller for Grand Stream brand, provides Network and IP Telephony solutions.

  • In November 2019

    Key World Technology become a partner for Symantec, and provides all related security solutions.

  • In August 2020

    Key World Technology become a partner for Zoom and provides video and audio conference solutions.

Core Values

They are not just words, but they are truly our values, what we are really doing and what we believe in.


We excel in all of our services. We maintain constant and direct contact with our customers and deliver what we promise on time.


We are responsible for our performance and we are responsible for our actions and results, because we have a sense of ownership. We believe that professional honesty requires that we cross all the work that we do on behalf of our clients is our business and must be done in the fullest way.


We value teamwork, and welcome contributions and ideas from all team members, complement each other, take advantage of our different experiences, and transfer this spirit to our customers.


We have the entrepreneurial and creative spirit to go beyond the boundaries process. We are professionals in providing realistic solutions that suit and achieve goals according to the allocated budgets.

Professional Excellence

We are always looking to provide high quality and distinguished services based on our accumulated experience in the field of Management Information Systems.


We operate with the highest professional integrity. We fulfil our promises to our clients while treating them with honesty and trust.


We care about inclusion and promoting diversity in the workplace through teamwork and multifunctional cooperation.


We are experts in Management Information Systems and Information Technology consulting, Operation Management processes, and cloud solutions. We have implemented many solutions in different countries such as Egypt, the Middle East and Africa.

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Our Team

We have a professional team at Key World Technology with extensive experience in the field of information technology in addition to a team specialized in operations management consulting and these experiences are based on a practical and academic basis and this experience has exceeded twenty years of working in major local and international companies inside and outside Egypt (in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe).In addition to a specialized, trained, and certified team for each of our services.

CEO Biography

Wael Fathy Allam is the founder and CEO of Key World Technology LLC, a hybrid provider of integrated solutions and IT consultancy services that provides multi-sized businesses in Africa and the Middle East with the latest IT related services. With more than 20 years of experience in the IT and MIS industry, Allam has held numerous positions across multiple geographies, helping clients of all sizes in the field of information technology and operational management.
A prominent thought leader, Allam has capitalized on his extensive experience in information technology to formulate his vision to enable the digital world to help organizations simplify, renovate, and accelerate their business for success.
Prior to the establishment of Key World Technology, Allam had been the Vice President of HF Fire International Inc. for Data and Communications Solutions. He led the MIS for HF group, helped develop and implement their IT strategic plan to enhance communication and collaboration among HF staff and management using the latest cost-effective technological solutions across Africa and the Middle East. He was responsible for improving the department of business development for Data and communication solutions, across Africa and he designed and managed successful projects across Africa himself in this possession.

Allam also served as a General Manager at Egyptian Engineering Co. He led the internal management while improving EECs strategic plan and the internal processes.
Likewise, he had a successful career in Omni Oil Technologies UAE, responsible for the IT department worldwide (USA, UK, UAE, Malaysia, and Egypt).
Other big names such as LinkdotNET, he was MIS manager for seven years and one of the creators of this big name LINKdotNET, since it was named Link Egypt with the famous leader Khaled Bichara That was in the nineties, he was responsible for builds the infrastructure and starts the IT base that was one of the main reasons for the success of this big name.
Then, service manager for servers and storage ( HP and Dell brands) at the Global Brands Co., he pioneered the network department and built the main strategy for this new department that became a well known name now.
Allam’s unique blend of leadership, management and technical talent and skills are a rare find in the IT sector. His expertise ranges from organizational strategy and leadership to information system design, projects execution, and management.
Throughout his career, he has provided scale data and communication solutions for client’s companies,

organized and lead business and technical teams developed comprehensive schemes for maximum operational IT efficiency for clients’ companies.
As an IT and Operations Management professional, he has constantly incorporated the best-of-breed technologies in the most efficient ways for many clients in the Middle East and the Sub Saharan African region. He has accordingly earned many certificates from the top international technology companies plus the management and soft-skills certificates, for example: Microsoft, Cisco, HP, Dell, McAfee, UTC, PMI among others.
Finally, his experience in the MIS field plus his

experience in the management field gives him a unique style to manage and control any organization smoothly and improve the productivity of those organizations in a short period
Currently, Allam and his team are working on transferring these experiences to Key World Technology's customers, whether in the field of Management Information Systems ( MIS) or General Management, internal procedures and selecting the appropriate business applications and solutions according to the nature of each organization and according to the allocated budget, especially with the current global changes that depend on technological development in doing business on a daily bases.

Why Key World Technology?

The role of Information Technology Systems in institutions is no longer limited to caring only for computer systems, but it directly contributes to improving productivity and thus affecting the profitability of the company and the extent of its efficiency in dealing with its customers and suppliers.
The efficiency of top management in monitoring and controlling its departments and production lines depends on the efficiency of the technology used and its good selection of this technology from the beginning.
From here we come to the importance of dealing with a professional company that specializes in this field qualified and can earn your trust. That is why the consultant must be: